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A Biblical Worldview


This term comes from the German Weltanschauung, literally, “beholding the world.” Everyone has a perception, a basic set of ideas, about life as though looking at the world through a particular pair of glasses. Worldview then translates into the way people respond to surroundings, the goals that they set, and the values they pursue. The outcomes can be radically different. For one example, in our culture, one worldview seeks to destroy the very lives that the other is seeking to save. This also demonstrates how wildly worldview can swing, even in fifty years. Thus, cultural stability and cultural change are dictated by the way in which the energy of the dominant worldview is expended.

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The Case for Separation

Biblical separation is possibly the most neglected teaching in Christianity today, especially in the West. Through sheer neglect (or unbelief), the life of the Christian is reinvented as being a mere statement of belief apart from any change of life, or relationship to a world of ungodliness. The Gospel is reduced to this: “One accepts Jesus into his heart. God forgives. Heaven is sure. That’s it.” But nothing has changed. The new Christianity does not usher in the divine grace of transformation that breaks the old sin patterns and brings forth a life ordered by God. Instead, it has invented a divine blindfold, where God no longer sees the sin of the Christian.

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