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God Bless America?

I was fourteen years old when the Twin Towers were destroyed. I remember that day well. Of the many changes soon afterward, one thing that especially struck me. It was the sudden, prolific appearance of signs, stickers, posters, billboards, and banners proclaiming, “God Bless America. ” People planted them in their lawns and stuck them on their cars. They used the slogan in their advertising and even churches joined the fad and put them on their signs.

I suppose most people had good intentions. But it seemed a bit ironic to my fourteen-year-old mind. I guess I never knew untill then how much Americans cared about God. I would never have known it if they hadn’t put out all those signs.

Think about it. Is God blessing America now that people have started asking Him to? Does saying it make it happen? Hasn’t God already blessed America and other places in many ways? Will God bless sin in the live sof those who say “God bless America”?

Let’s think about some events since 9-11 that have received national and worldwide attention.

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